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Faster Hiring

With our agile approach and month-to-month commitments, we can expedite your hiring process and provide contract recruiting solutions within a week.

Easy Scaling

Whether you need recruiters, sources, or coordinators, we can seamlessly adjust our services to match your hiring needs.

Flexible Pricing

Say goodbye to expensive headhunter fees. Our monthly pricing options are designed to fit your budget, whether you’re hiring one candidate or twenty.

Benefits for Enterprises

Forecasting Expertise

Gain valuable insights and guidance to forecast your recruiting needs and optimize your hiring strategies.

Rapid Scalability

From one to thirty recruiters, our agile approach ensures you can quickly connect with qualified recruiters in as little as two days.

Flexible Commitments

Adapt your hiring efforts based on changing demands with our month-to-month commitments, providing you the flexibility you need.

Global Recruitment

Access our vast network of local contract recruiters worldwide, allowing you to fulfill your regional hiring requirements with ease.

Extensive Talent Network

Leverage our expansive network of coordinators, sourcers, and recruiters, ensuring access to top-notch resources.

Vetted Recruiting Experts

Work with highly qualified and successful recruiting experts, as our rigorous vetting process ensures you collaborate with the best in the industry.

Totema Solutions:

OnDemand Recruiting

Our contract recruiters provide the flexibility to adjust your hiring process according to your needs and find highly qualified candidates for your open positions.

OnDemand Sourcing

Our OnDemand sourcing solutions streamline the hiring process and proactively engage warm candidates, ensuring a reliable talent pipeline for your enterprise.

Empower Sustainable Growth with Our Solution

Flexible Recruiting

Experienced Recruiters

Affordable Pricing Structure

Unlock Your Enterprise's Potential with Our OnDemand Solutions