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Discover top emerging talent for your growing company with our go-to-market recruiters. Unlock sales, marketing, and customer success experts to drive your success.

Our focus on enriching the candidate experience is intricately linked to our core objective of achieving prosperous employment results for both candidates and your company. Our method of aligning the perfect candidate with the fitting role not only facilitates seamless integration but also drives higher retention rates, fostering a collaborative synergy that propels growth and achievement.


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Experience the power of on demand G2M recruiting and join the forward-thinking SaaS companies. Accelerate your talent acquisition process with faster and more efficient with Totema’s recruiting solutions.

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Experience rapid go-to-market deployment with our expert team. Skip the weeks-long wait and get skilled G2M recruiters within days. We specialize in sourcing top talent for marketing, sales, and customer success roles, ensuring your hiring process is seamless and effective. 

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Don’t let candidate shortages slow you down. Our experienced team can seamlessly integrate with your internal team and support you with a constant flow of candidates you need. Simplify your hiring process and achieve your G2M talent acquisition goals with our expertise. Let us handle the recruitment burden while you focus on growing your business.

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Leverage the expertise of our G2M recruiters, who bring a wealth of industry experience and a wide-reaching network to the table. Count on them to swiftly identify and engage with candidates who match your specific needs. With their guidance, you can navigate the competitive recruiting landscape with confidence, saving time and ensuring successful placements of top G2M talent.

Streamline Your G2M Talent Acquisition in 4 Steps

From senior SDRs to demand generation managers, content writers, and customer success managers, our expert team has the know-how to efficiently source and secure top-tier candidates for your G2M talent needs. 

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Our flexible on demand solutions are here to help you find candidates quickly.

Recruiting Process


First Step: A Call with a Client

First, we start by understanding what your needs are. 


Second Step: Resume Reviews

Our resourcing team will shortlist possible recruiters.


Third Step: Candidate Evaluation

Our program team will also review the notes and resumes.


Final Step: Client Submission

Introduce the chosen professional to the client.

FAQ & Contact

We are working with candidates in sales, marketing, and customer success roles. Our recruiters have deep expertise and experience in these areas, enabling us to connect businesses with top-notch talent who can drive growth and success. 

The timeline for the whole recruiting process typically ranges from 4 to 6 weeks. However, please note that the exact duration may vary depending on factors such as testing messaging, refining approaches, and incorporating client feedback. We strive to optimize the process to deliver efficient results tailored to each company’s unique requirements.

We understand that flexibility is important when it comes to pricing options. That’s why we offer hourly, hourly, fixed fee, or custom plans based on needs. You can talk to our team to find out which pricing option suits you best.

One of the key advantages of our recruiting model is its flexibility to accommodate various budgetary requirements. We understand that every organization has unique budget constraints, and we are committed to finding the most suitable solutions for you. Our team can work closely with you to identify resources that align with your budgetary parameters. 

There is no lock-in contract because we understand that your employment plans can change at a moment’s notice. You can cancel at any time.

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