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Contingency Recruiting

Supercharge Your Hiring with Contingency Recruiting

Contingency recruitment is simple: no hire, no fee. If we do not find the winning candidate for you, you don’t pay.

Our commitment to enhancing candidate experience is directly tied to our mission of securing successful employment outcomes for both candidates and your company. Our approach of matching the ideal candidate with the appropriate role not only promotes smooth integration but also leads to enhanced retention rates and a synergistic collaboration that fosters advancement and accomplishment.


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Join the ranks of forward-thinking employers who have discovered the power of our contingency recruiting. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, we can help you find top talent faster and more efficiently than ever.

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Our Contingency Recruiting Services

Access a Vast Talent Network

Our contingency recruiters have spent years building vast networks of talent. Partnering with us grants you access to their extensive pool of candidates, which is especially beneficial for smaller or newer organizations lacking broad recognition. Whether your organization is expanding, lacks brand visibility, or requires specialized expertise, leveraging the talent networks of contingency recruiters can be the ideal solution to find the right hires.

Unlock Resources Beyond Your Budget

Our contingent recruiters have invested years in constructing expansive talent networks. If your team lacks the necessary resources to attract the desired talent level, contingency recruitment becomes a compelling option. Leverage the expertise and resources of contingency recruiters to access top-tier candidates and enhance your hiring capabilities.

Tap into Specialized Industry Knowledge

Our contingency recruiters excel in their ability to swiftly place high-quality hires, leveraging their industry expertise and experience. If you require additional knowledge and expertise to source top talent, partnering with a contingency recruiter can provide the specialized industry insights needed to make successful hires.

Find the Right Candidates on Budget with Contingency Recruiting

With contingency recruitment, employers actively participate in candidate selection and decision-making. This level of involvement ensures that specific preferences are considered throughout the hiring process, leading to a higher likelihood of finding the ideal candidate for the job. 

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Our Contingency Recruiting Solutions

Our flexible on demand solutions are here to help you find candidates quickly.

Recruiting Process


First Step: A Call with a Client

First, we start by understanding what your needs are. 


Second Step: Resume Reviews

Our resourcing team will shortlist possible recruiters.


Third Step: Candidate Evaluation

Our program team will also review the notes and resumes.


Final Step: Client Submission

Introduce the chosen professional to the client.

FAQ & Contact

The contingency fee is from 5 to 20 percent of the employee’s annual salary and it depends on various factors such as the level of difficulty in filling the position, the urgency of the hiring need, and the market conditions. This flexibility in fee negotiation allows employers to find a mutually beneficial agreement, ensuring that the cost aligns with the value provided in finding and placing the right candidate for the role.

The contingency period typically spans 1-2 months. Once the initial discussions and requirements gathering are completed, we leverage our extensive databases and resources to conduct a comprehensive search for the ideal candidate. This involves strategic advertising and the utilization of an ATS to streamline the candidate sourcing and selection process

We understand that flexibility is important when it comes to pricing options. That’s why we offer hourly, hourly, fixed fee, or custom plans based on needs. You can talk to our team to find out which pricing option suits you best.

There is no lock-in contract because we understand that your employment plans can change at a moment’s notice. You can cancel at any time.

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