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Client Tetra

Increasing the value of qualitative data on a research platform

Tetra used Totema’s outsourcing services to retain exactly the talent they need without sacrificing geographic or legal restrictions

Name: Tetra Insights

Industry: SaaS, analytics, market research

Location: Boulder, CO

Size: 11-50

Challenge: Tetra already had great engineers, but based in LatAm who had to be relocated to Europe. This was a legal challenge for Tetra. They also needed to hire a React developer quickly.

Result: Totema managed the entire relocation process and provided the engineers with residence and work permits in Serbia. We also built a strong React pipeline and helped Tetra hire the talent they needed.

Access to top engineering talent

Positions and Responsibilities:


We worked with Tetra Insights, a technology company building a platform to increase the value of qualitative data. They needed a team of highly skilled engineers for their frontend and backend development and maintenance. However, there was a challenge: the engineering team was based in Latin America, and Tetra had to move them to Europe. To help with this challenge, we provided them with our expertise in establishing a local office in Serbia and obtaining the necessary residence and work permits for the developer team. We made sure that everything was in place so that the team could continue working in the new location without any problems.


Once the team was in place, we faced a new challenge: Tetra needed React frontend developers, and they needed them fast. We worked tirelessly to build a pipeline of potential candidates within just two weeks.


Thanks to our efforts, we were able to find developers with the right skills and experience to meet the needs of Tetra Insights. The new team came on board smoothly, and they hit the ground running, working closely with Tetra Insights to understand their unique requirements and goals for the platform.


Our outsourcing service has allowed Tetra Insights to grow its engineering team without having to sacrifice anything due to geographic or legal constraints. The team we provided played a key role in the success of their platform, allowing them to add new features and improve existing ones.


The collaboration between Totema and Tetra has been successful and we are thrilled to see the platform providing valuable insights to leading organizations.