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Client Sharebird

Creating a knowledge-sharing platform for fast-growing teams

Sharebird used Totema outsourcing services to accelerate its development process and launch its platform in new professional hubs

Name: Sharebird

Industry: Technology, Information, and the Internet

Location: San Francisco, California

Size: 10-15

Challenge: Sharebird wanted to expand its team to launch new features on its platform and expand its business to include more hubs.

The result: In less than two weeks, Totema provided Sharebird with all the necessary team members who immediately started working within the existing team structure.

Using Outsourcing for Growth

Roles and Responsibilities:


Sharebird is a fast-growing knowledge-sharing platform for professionals working in fast-growing companies like Atlassian, Okta, Airbnb, etc. They first specialized in product marketing and product management, but there was a clear need to expand into different hubs as other professionals wanted industry knowledge from their peers. That’s when Sharebird realized they needed to expand their team to work on key features that would enable this expansion and support their growth. As Sharebird is a growing company, they weren’t ready to hire full-time employees, preferring to outsource this work so they could scale up and down as needed while keeping the team integrated and working seamlessly together.


Sharebird asked Totema to find the right people to join their team. Totema accepted the challenge and began by carefully analyzing Sharebird’s requirements and the qualities they were looking for in potential team members.


After conducting thorough research, we presented Sharebird with the most qualified candidates who were already on our team and ready to start working immediately.


Sharebird was impressed by the quality of candidates Totema had and quickly hired two Developers, one Product Owner, and one Project Manager. Totem’s service allowed Sharebird to onboard all team members very quickly and they immediately started working on key features.


The new team members have played a key role in helping Sharebird expand its platform to new hubs, and the company has seen significant growth since they joined the team. The team continues to work with Sharebird and everyone is delighted with the solution provided by Totema.